We are a tour operating company, providing full range of services on the whole territory of Russia.

Also, high level of service, which we guarantee to provide our guests with during their business/pleasure visits of Russia and its various cities, is the result of our entire teamwork put forth by experienced specialists with successful work occupation in the area of tourist business for over ten years. Read more

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“One Day Russian Cooking Course in Moscow”
We invite everybody especially our Moscow guests on culinary lessons for Russian cuisine. Finally all these famous “bliny” (pancakes), “pelmeni” (boiled pastry with minced meat), “okroshka” (cold summer vegetable soup) and other dishes are open to beginners and culinary amateurs! For the most demanding gourmets we have prepared some special menus based on cooking traditions of Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and all the former Soviet Union countries, wine-tasting, special baking lessons, historical meals (recipes from the Tsar and Nobleman Feasts). On the weekends we organize Moscow Market Tours, children’s special events and celebrations, gourmet traveling to taste the finest foods of Russia.
Our classes are in a fully equipped (Electrolux) homelike kitchen on Russian and English languages under the European technology.All our cook - chefs are friendly world-class professionals with extensive teaching experience. Read more…

The Unknown and Forbidden Russia. The collection of  bus (car) enlightening tours around Moscowand in Russia. Tourists see and visit historic and culture points closed ("forbidden") for the foreigners by the communist regime during Soviet time.These memorials and museums present Russian national Culture and History through a thousand years. Tourists visit ancient ground-wood fortresses (XII-XIY centuries), monasteries and convents (XII-XIY centuries), real Russian wooden churches (XYII-XYII centuries). On the itinerary there are a lot of memorials of the Second World War and communist totalitarian regime. Also visiting places of Battles with Napoleon in 1812. Most of the places foreigners never visited before.

The Holy Places to the North-East of Moscow  (1 day)

Borodino. The Field of Russian Military Glory (1 day)

The Great Battle for Moscow in 1941 (1 day)

The Great Russian Loop along History and Ancient Cities (4 days)

Along the Bloody Way of World History and Russian Military Glory (8 days)

The Holy Places to the North - West of Moscow (1 day)

In a Memory of Victory (1945) in World War II (14 days)

View on the Thousand Years of Russian Church, State and Heritage (15 days)

The Complete Russian’s Icons Painting Tour (6 days)

Soviet aggression in Poland in 1939 - evidence (1 day)

Weekend in Moscow and St.Petersburg Do you tired a bit of business? Limited with time for your rest? We do offer you the great opportunity to see Moscow during  a weekend. Our two days package tour includes visit the Kremlin with visit it’s territory and Kremlin’s Cathedrals. You will have time to buy Russian souvenirs and explore the city night life. Make your weekend unforgettable discovery of the beauty of Moscow - Russian capital ! Weekend in Saint Petersburg. For a complete different holiday please visit one of the most famous cities in the world as St. Petersburg. You also will enjoy the HermitageMuseum one of the largest museums in the world and visit other sights of this unusual Russian city

Weekend in Moscow (2 days)

Weekend in St.Petersburg (2 days)